Item Packs

Mega Pack


The Mega Pack contains:

  • 2x Ultimate Crate Token
  • 5x Boosted Crate Token
  • 3x Rare Material Crate
  • 2x Epic Material Crate
  • 1x Legendary Material Crate
  • 3x Rare Questing Crate
  • 2x Epic Quest Crate
  • 1x Legendary Questing Crate
  • 3x Quest Refresher
  • 15x Daily Quest Reroll Token
  • 15x Quest Scroll Reroll Token
  • 3x Assembler Overdrive
  • 3x Forge Catalyst
  • 3x Bronze Treasure Chest
  • 2x Silver Treasure Chest
  • 1x Golden Treasure Chest
  • 1x Mega Treasure Chest
  • 5x Overflowing Currency Pouch

All items are deposited and found in your Infinibag.

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