Battle Pass

Ultimate Battle Pass


The Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle Package contains:

Access to:

  • The current Season's Premium Battle Pass Road.
  • Instant Access to 3 additional Unique Cosmetics
  • Shroud (Voyager) (Epic Hat)
  • Scepter of Singularity (Epic Accessory)
  • Singularity Core (Epic Cloak)
  • 3x Neon Galaxy Keys
  • 75 Neon Galaxy Tokens
  • +10 Battle Pass Points
  • +500 Gems

If you already own the Premium Battle Pass, purchasing the Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle will automatically award you with an additional 450 gems in-game (To recoup the cost difference of buying it ingame).

Battle Pass Reward Roads require gameplay to unlock rewards, and expire when the current Season ends.

Battle Pass Points apply to the current season's Battle Pass immediately upon purchase. Any excess Battle Pass Points upon reaching the maximum level will have no effect.

All purchases made here are for the MCC Island public Minecraft Java server on the IP “”. All transactions are secured by Tebex.

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