Battle Pass

Battle Pass Boost Pack


The Battle Pass Boost Pack contains:

  • +10 Battle Pass Points
  • 2x Neon Galaxy Keys
  • 50 Neon Galaxy Tokens
  • 1x Epic Questing Crate
  • 2x Rare Questing Crate

Battle Pass Points apply to the current season's Battle Pass immediately upon purchase. Any excess Battle Pass Points upon reaching the maximum level will have no effect.

The Battle Pass Point requirement per level grows by +1 each 10 Battle Pass levels, so requirements are:

  • Level 1-10: 1 Point per level
  • Level 11-20: 2 Points per level
  • Level 21-30: 3 Points per level
  • Level 31-40: 4 Points per level
  • Level 41-50: 5 Points per level

All purchases made here are for the MCC Island public Minecraft Java server on the IP “”. All transactions are secured by Tebex.

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